Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pinkalicious- School Rules!

As a mom to a young daughter, I will admit that sometimes I find myself extending my childhood through her---returning to favorite books, favorite toys, and even visiting childhood PLACES! 

Unfortunately for me, Pinkaliciouswas not around when I was little, but fortunately for Ava, she's here now and isn't going anywhere! I first heard about the series by Victoria Kann while working with one of my students with special needs- her classroom teacher read Purplicious to the class and then we followed up with a lesson about colors.  I was hooked instantly.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an event in New York and I got to meet Victoria Kann! THE Victoria Kann. I was completely starstruck and found myself rambling about teaching and photography and Baby in the Kitchen and of course, AVA!! She was kind and laid back, and decked out in pink (LOVE!). She started writing these books when her girls were young, to teach them about nutrition and why we need to eat sugar in moderation (Hello, girl after my own heart!).

Pinkalicious: School Rules! is now part of the I Can Read series of books, which are books about beloved characters that are categorized into stages to support beginning readers.  Pinkalicious: School Rules!is a Level 1 book, which is for readers who are starting to sound out words.  The sentences are short, the words are familiar, and the concepts are simple enough for young children to read and understand on their own. Pretty cool, huh?

Pinkalicious: School Rules! is about a little girl named Pinkalicious who misses her unicorn, "Goldie", while she is at school.  To alleviate her sadness, she decides to bring "Goldie" to school! Of course, it is against the rules to bring a unicorn to school, but when Pinkalicious begins to cry, her teacher allows "Goldie" to stay, just this once.  "Goldie" may stay at school, as long as Pinkalicous teachers her all the rules---and she does!

The story is entertaining and visits the concept of rule following while at school.  The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and the story leaves your heart feeling fuzzy and warm.  There were a few larger words like "Pinkalicious", though I do not think this would prevent a child from enjoying this book.  A teacher or parent could easily teach the large words during a picture walk.

Read more about Pinkalicious on her official website here!

You absolutely must check out the Pinkalicious books, toys, and games line which are growing by the day (of course we will have some more to check out, too, so check back)!

All opinions are 100% my own, I was not paid to write this review. I was provided a copy of Pinkalicious School Rules to facilitate this review.

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